I’m back!

16 September 2015

Stop, restart!

The holidays help me to stand back on this blog and realize that I was on the wrong way.

The writing of the first articles made me understand two things:

  • What I’m introducing is not that different from other sites
  • I don’t master completely what I’m introducing.

Be they Franco-brazilian, vegan, gluten free or low-carb, the recipes doesn’t bring a real gain compare to the one you can find on other very good website. Why should I continue?

“Why?” That’s exactly the question I’m asking myself when I write my recipes Why do I cook a thing this way and not differently? why do I add this spice and not an other? And I’ve to admit that I’m not always able to answer it, and sometimes I realized that I’m not using the correct techniques..
The beginnings of the blog helped me question myself and stay humble regarding my cooking skills.

Let’s restart so, differently

What if we forget a little bit the recipes to focus on the path of their creation?
I think that cooking smartly is more interesting than a simple reproduction exercise.
I’d like to take you along my cooking trip and not only on the scale which are the recipes. I honestly think that my experiences, discover, my tries  could be at least as interesting.

Homemade Parpadelle and Origano Alfredo sauce

1 June 2015

Done some days ago in the rush of a lunch break, this one one of the fully homemade pasta recipe the quickest I know! And because sometimes life make good things, that’s also one of my favourite.

On request of @siilrd on Instagram, here is the recipe to reproduce it at home easily:

The ingredients:

For the parpadelle:

– 150g of flour by person

– An egg for each 100g of flour

– A pinch de salt

(We were 3 this day, so I made 500g of flour and 5eggs)

For the Alfredo sauce:

– 25g of butter or margarin

– 3 big tablespoon of heavy cream

– Origano

– 3 tablespoon of parmesan

– a little clove of garlic

The recipes:

For the parpadelle :

1) Drop the flour and the salt in a big bowl

2) Make a well in the centre and crack the eggs into it, beat them a little bit.

3) Gently put the flour on the eggs and start to mix with your hands

4) Knead until have a nice dough (~10 minutes). The dough will be homogeneous, more elastic and less sticky.

5) Make a nice ball of dough, wrap it in cellophane and put in the fridge for 30 minutes.

–> From this step, you’ll sprinkle flour everytime your dough will be sticky. Just be careful not to put to much to avoid it be brittle.

6) Separate the dough in smaller pieces, flatten them a little bit and feed it through the machine on the widest setup. Ton insure beautiful rectangles, I use to repeat this step multiple time, folding my dough in rectangle between each.

If you don’t own a pasta machine, you will need only to things: A rolling pin and stamina!

7) Repeat this operation changing the setting each time until the middle setting.  (4 on 9 on my machine)

8) Roll the rectangle to make a big roll and slice it in 1cm large slices. unroll each of them, here are your parpadelle!

9) Cooking them in a large amount of boiling water, a little drop of salt and let cook for ~4/5 minutes.

The Alfredo sauce:

–> Last minute made, when you put your pasta in the water

1) Melt the butter in a saucepan

2) Add the heavy cream and mix

3) Chop the garlic and add it, also parmesan and origano. Mix for a minute and it’s ready!

If you are lucky enough to find fresh origano, I advise you to finely chop it and add it at the end.

The small tip: Pasta are all made the same way! You can do every shape with this recipe and also ravioli (for ravioli, go for a much thinner dough) You can also add flavor and colour to your pasta adding paprika, dry tomatoes, spinach…what you want!

Gluten free, Healthy, Vegan, Vegetarian

Asparagus and curry cream with toast

17 May 2015

My big mistake while cooking is always to over-complicate, too many preparations, too many work on one plate… Next to a very complicated and pretentious dish that I only half-succeed some days ago, I had 3/4 of a bunch of asparagus left in my fridge.

Looking this time for simplicity, an asparagus cream as an appetizer was perfect and obvious.  Granted with a little bit of curry and toast, it was actually more successful than my previous dish.

I share this recipe which doesn’t need much work and will be for sure able to seduce:

The ingredients:

– A bunch of green asparagus

– An onion

– A good quality curry

– wholemeal bread

– Olive oil

– Salt

The recipe:

1) Clean your asparagus under clean water

2) Cut the hard part and put on the side as many asparagus as dishes you want to serve.

3) Slice all the others in one centimeters slices.

4) Cut your “on the side” asparagus at the length desired for your plate (see picture) and don’t waste anything: the remaining can be sliced and join the other slices.

5) Cut the onion in “brunoise” (very small dices) and make it brown in a pot with a little bit of olive oil. We don’t want to much coloration.

6) Put your slices of asparagus in the pot and let fry a little bit before covering with water (just covering, not much water) on middle fire.

7) Add a tablespoon of curry and melt, we will let cook for 20 minutes.

8) After 10 minutes, put the asparagus head that we put on the side in the pot. Ideally you don’t want the head part of the asparagus to be in the water, but if you can’t succeed to do that it’s not very important (the texture is just a little less perfect).

9) Let’s start the bread! Slice it, remove the crust and cut in 1 cm dices.

10) In a frying pan with a little bit of olive oil (middle-hot fire) put your dices and make them brown a little bit, melting sometimes.

11) When your asparagus are cooked (tender as butter inside). It’s time to remove the heads which should still be a little bit crunchy and mix all the remaining part of you pot without removing the water!

12) Serve, Put your heads beautifully in the plate and drop some dices of toast. Then I like to add some drop of olive oil to finish this appetizer, you can also use grilled sesame seed oil or hazelnut oil to bring an additional subtil flavor.

The small tip: This recipe is willingly very easy with few ingredients to have a strong asparagus flavor. You can also add some cream to it to obtain a more soft and greedy result close to a velouté. To mix the pleasure, you can also add shallots with the onion. And for a very light version of this recipe, the bread can be toasted without oil in the hoven or in the toaster, but the flavor will not be as good!

Gluten free, Vegan, Vegetarian

The Vegan Crème brûlée

7 May 2015

When I asked the vegetarian/vegan Brasilian facebook group which french recipe they would like, I was expecting salted dishes, but at the end almost everybody asked me for french sweets! Here I go for some vegan tries of macarons, croissant and  crème brûlée!

Crème brûlée was the first to give me good results, the flavour is a little bit different because of the coconut milk added to the vanilla, but still as good!

And as I guess our brasilians friends are not the only one to enjoy it, here is the english recipe:

The ingredients:

– 300g of soy dessert cream

– 50g of sugar

– Vanilla extract

– 200ml of coconut milk

– 2g of agar-agar

– a little bit of water (~2-4cl)

– A little bit of brown sugar

The recipe:

1) Mix the coconut milk and the soy cream together with the sugar and stir energetically!

2) Stir the agar-agar with the water until it obtain an homogenic preparation.

3) Mix both you preparations and make them boil

4) Keep the boiling for 2 minutes while stiring with conviction! You don’t want it to overflow!

5) After the two minutes, drop the preparation in four crème brûlée ramekins and let them cool some minutes before putting them in the fridge

6) Before serving, drop some brown sugar on top and lean in every direction to make a nice coat before removing the excedent.

7) Now it’s time to burn with the blowpipe! You don’t want to see sugar crystal anymore but a nice glossy dark golden coat!

The small tip: If you don’t get a blowpipe, before adding thhe brown sugar you can put your cream in the freezer for ten minutes and preheat your hoven on grill position 230°C. Then put the sugar as indicated on step 7 and put your cream on the grill on highest position with the door open. Look carefully, as soon as the coat looks glossy it should be good!

Gluten free, Healthy, Vegan, Vegetarian

The green Vegan Tapenade

3 May 2015

Summer is coming and the beginning of the evening invit to a small glass of rosé wine on the terrace to enjoy the last sunbeam of the day. What’s better with a summer aperitif than some homemade tapenade with a little bit of toasted bread?

Tapenade came from the south of France, Marseille to be accurate. With a strong olive flavour and some side ingredients to sustain and add more freshness to it, it’s absolutely delicious!

Here is a Vegan version, the traditional recipe contains anchovy. To avoid it to be bland, I put instead some cumin for the strong flavour and sea salt. Don’t hesitate to try your own version with other spices!

The ingredients:

– 150g of Olives

– 4 cl olive oil

– Some capers (~15, less or none if you don’t like)

– 2 teaspoon of lemon juice

– A very very small garlic clove

– 1 teaspoon of cumin

The recipe:

1) Put all the ingredient in a little blender and blend…you are done!

2) Ok ok, one more small step!  Taste, adjust if needed lemon or sea salt for the flavor, oil or olive for the texture, blend again, taste again, and retry until you get exactly what you want!

The small tip: Toast some slice of full bread with a little bit of olive oil in a pan for a delicious crispy side!

Gluten free, Healthy, Vegan, Vegetarian

Provençal Vegetable Tian

23 April 2015

Typical dish from the south of France, the Tian can be considered as a close cousin of  ratatouille. More easy to prepare and very good. When it’s time to make dinner, I almost never have Tian in my mind, and that’s a real mistake!

Based on 99% of vegetables, extremely simple and fast to make, it’s a very healthy dish full of flavour which allow you to have a little piece of Provence in your plate without too much cooking!

Vegetarian, and also vegan, it can be a full meal or with a little bit of rice on the side. If you are omnivor, you can also join grilled chicken to it. It makes a very good solution for the fitness addicts to change their “chicken-eggs-green vegetable” routine!

The ingredients:

– 2 small zucchini

– 4 tomatoes

– 2 small eggplant

– Garlic

– Olive oil

– salt & pepper

– Thyme

The recipe:

1) Make 1mm slices of all your vegetables

2) cut the garlic and rub it in your dish.

3) Oil the dish with olive oil, a small amount.

4) Drop all you vegetables, alternating zucchini, tomatoes and the eggplants. Be creative on the disposal and regarding the shape of your dish: lines, circles, spiral, zig-zag…the important is to make it look yummi and cover all the dish!

5) salt, pepper, sprinkle the thyme and add a little drop of olive oil.

6) Put in the oven on 160°C for 45 to 60 minutes . When you house smells like Provence and your vegetables are nicely golden, it’s cooked!

The small tip: You can make multiples variations by adding slices of onions with the other vegetables or put a first layer of caramelized onions or eggplant caviar under your vegetables.


The tian is one of the three inspirations from the famous Disney movie Ratatouille! I suggest to deliver you the three recipes which inspired the one in the movie and then we will try together to reproduce the little beauty that ratatouille made!



Gluten free, Healthy, Vegan, Vegetarian

Vegetable risotto

18 April 2015

When we think about Italy, the first dish in mind are usually pasta and pizza of course. But if I add the word “rice” what are you thinking to? Yes…easy…it’s in the title.

I’m not vegan, only vegetarian, but some dishes don’t need any animal products to be absolutely delicious! That’s exactly what happens with this recipe which is vegan without personal whish in it conception!

For this risotto, I decided to use carrots, zucchini and mushrooms.

The ingredients:

– 200g of arborio rice

– 10cl of white wine

– A big carott (or 2 smalls)

– A big onion

– A zucchini

– 500g of mushroom paris

– A vegetal broth (handmade vegetable broth or some vegan vegetable flavor cube)

– Olive oil

– A little bit of Arugula as an accompaniment (facultative)

The recipe: 

1) Warm 1l of water with the broth.

2) Cut all your vegetables in “brunoise” (does this word exist in english? 🙂 ) without mixing them

2) In a recipient with a thick bottom that you will put on fire, drop some olive oil and your dices of onion.

3) Before the onion start to take color, drop your rice and make it golden a little bit. You can start to stir and you will have to continue until the end of the recipe!

The rice has to be translucent and roast a little bit. This step will allow it to handle the cooking.

4) Drop the carrots and the white wine at room temperature. Continue to stir

5) When the wine is almost completely absorbed, you can drop a ladle of you broth on the rice. You are now gone for 15 minutes of stiring while droping ladles of broth every time the last one is absorbed!

6) Five minutes after the carrots, drop the zucchini dices.

7) Five minutes then, the mushrooms can join the party!

8) Finally when you reach the quarter of hour, you can taste. When the rice is cooked but still firm, it’s time for the last step: mantecare!

9) In this step you will put you last ladle of broth and usually we drop butter and parmiggiano but in this case we will just drop two spoons of olive oil. (and vegan parmiggiano if you get some)

The small tip: This recipe with a a little bit of arugula can feed 3-4 peoples but if you are less, don’t throw away what remains! You can’t warm it, risotto has to be eaten fresh and steamy, but you can make some risotto cakes and fry them in a little bit of oil!




Molten Lava cake

16 April 2015

The molten lava cake, known in french as “Mi-cuit” which means “half-cooked” is definitely the most famous french cake in Brasil. Coming back from there, it was the occasion for me to try this little sweet as good in mouth than capricious to cook.

The respect of quantities is the key for this recipe, added to the accustomisation to your hoven (and/or some previous molten lava cake tries for the cooking). Behind those two little difficulties, this is a pretty easy!

The ingredients:

– 110g of a good quality chocolate (personally a 60% cacao chocolate is my best choice for this cake, the good balance between strength and sweetness)

– 90g of butter (without salt)

– 120g of sugar

– 3 eggs (middle size)

– 40g of flour

The recipe:

1) Pre-heat your hoven to 190°C

2) Broke the chocolate in little pieces and put it to melt with the butter (bain-marie or soft boil)

3) In a bowl, melt the eggs and the sugar untilto obtain a white foam on surface

4) add the butter-chocolate mix and melt again.

5) Add the flour and melt until to have an homogenic aspect.

6) butter and flour your pans and drop the preparation

7) Put in the oven for 5 minutes. The cooking is perfect when the molten lava cake is almost not brilliant anymore on surface.

The small tip: To success more easily the cooking part and have a big liquid lava heart, you should use a big pan, like muffin pan. The small cupcakes pan I’ve used for the molten lava cake on the picture make very good small cakes but much more easier to fail!